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Up-to-date fighter T - 50 again storms the sky of Russia

the Flight copy of the Russian fighter of fifth generation T - 50 which has risen for the first time in air on January, 29th, today again has made test flight over airdrome Komsomolska - on - the Cupid, the radio station " informs; Echo Moscow .
It is informed that after a number of test flights a perspective aviation complex of front aircraft (PAK FA) will translate in on base in situated near Moscow Zhukovsky.
the Russian fighter of the fifth generation has risen for the first time in air on January, 29th 2010. Test flight has passed in the Far East and has come to the end successfully. Flight proceeded approximately 45 minutes.
originally flight was outlined for January, 28th, but has been postponed for days from - for adverse weather conditions.
PAK FA developed by Incorporated aviabuilding corporation, urged to replace such models as the Instant - 29 and the Sou - 27, and also to become analogue American F - 22 the Raptor .
In fighter working out participated KB Dry where to it have given design name T - 50. According to experts, PAK FA meets all requirements to planes of the fifth generation: economic in service, develops supersonic speed without a forcing, maneuvers in the conditions of the big overloads, and also it is equipped by up-to-date system of intellectualization of a board.
the maximum speed of a fighter makes about 2,1 thousand kilometres per hour, the maximum range of flight - more than 5 thousand kilometres. The technology " is aboard used; the Stealth allowing it to remain invisible to a radar.