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B.Clinton doctor: eks - the president will return to a system on Monday

According to the attending physician eks - US president Bill Clinton Allen Schwarz who has been the day before delivered in Presvitariansky hospital in New York and has transferred operation on implantation of two stentov to an aorta, 63 - the summer politician has successfully transferred surgical intervention, transfers Associated Press.
on a press - conferences in Manhattan the doctor has noticed that the heart attack at B.Clinton was not and 42 - j the US president can already return to work on Monday, on February, 15th.
earlier B.Clinton lawyer has informed that eks - the president has been hospitalised on February, 11th with acute pains in the field of a breast. Further it has transferred operation on implantation to an aorta of two stentov - special tubes which normalise a blood current. Its official representatives declare that eks - the president has already regained consciousness and is in good mood.
Near to the patient there is also his wife - US State Secretary Hillari Clinton, which has gone from Washington to New York to be with the husband, right after an official meeting with present US president Barack Obama. Thus H.Clinton has made decision to postpone on day the planned visits to Qatar and Saudi Arabia in connection with the operation transferred by the husband.
with words of support to B.Clinton have acted Barack Obama and George Bush Obama which have wished it the prompt recover. During too time of J. Bush, has expressed hope that B.Clinton who together with it heads help fund destroyed as a result of earthquake of Haiti, can return in the near future to work.