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B.Clinton will renew the help of Haiti on Monday

Bill Clinton who has the day before transferred operation on installation of two tubes in the form of a grid, covered with a medical product, in a coronary artery (stentirovanie), can already return to the duties on Monday, the Head of cardiological branch of Presvitariansky hospital Allen Schwarz where 42 - j the US president has been delivered the day before has declared.
we Will notice that B.Clinton in common Dzhorzhdem Bush heads help fund destroyed as a result of earthquake of Haiti where were lost almost 300 thousand persons. Last year Clinton has been appointed by the special representative of the United Nations in this country, and recently he had to work actively in business of the organisation of the humanitarian help.
the friend eks - the president has informed Bi - bi - si that in addition to the loading caused by a tiresome trip to Haiti last week, B.Clinton also has caught a cold that has even more weakened health 63 - the summer politician.
we Will remind, 42 - j the US president B.Clinton has been hospitalised the day before in Presvitariansky hospital in New York with complaints to heartaches where further has been operated.
we will remind, a series of earthquakes to Haiti has occurred on January, 13th, strongest of them was estimated in 5,0 under the Richter scale. The elements have destroyed set of buildings in capital of republic Port - about - Prense. By estimations of the authorities, about 1 million persons remained without a roof over the head.