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More than 80 % of Russians will celebrate Day sacred Valentine

More than 80 % of Russians intend to celebrate this year Day sacred Valentine who besides drops out on Sunday. These are results of the sociological poll spent by analytical holding ROMIR.
the Romantic mood has, seemingly, taken hold of overwhelming majority of the population, experts mark. To celebrate it gather practically in all regions of the country. Women are most romantically adjusted: to note the Valentine day 85 % of representatives of the weaker sex gather. Among men similar plans build only 76 %.
the Most part of Russians plan to please loved by gifts. Souvenirs and flowers will present 47 % interrogated, in favour of perfumery and cosmetics will make the choice accordingly 40 % and 23 % of respondents.
day of sacred Valentine - a Catholic holiday which is annually marked on February, 14th. The Russian analogue - of Peter and Fevronii - is marked day on July, 8th.
1,5 thousand respondents have taken part in the All-Russia poll ROMIR at the age from 18 years and is more senior from seven federal districts. Sample reprezentiruet adult urban population of Russia.