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Experts: to finish PAK FA to mind, years

the Second flight tests of the Perspective aviation complex of front aircraft (PAK FA) for Distant Voskote be required have passed successfully. However soon it should move situated near Moscow Zhukovsky where in a fighter will be engaged seriously, the radio station " informs; Echo Moscow referring to military experts.
the matter is that during these tests in air the empty cover has risen, military experts mark: on a prototype there is no the new radar, the necessary engine and arms. Thereupon, by estimations of experts, for creation of a high-grade fighting vehicle many years can be demanded.
earlier following the results of the first test flight T - 50 (design name PAK - FA) general director AKB Dry Michael Pogosjan named successful tests of a fighter by the big success of the Russian science and design thought. These planes, along with the modernised aviation complexes of the fourth generation, will define potential of the Russian Air Forces within the next decades.
he also has noticed that in company plans Dry the further development of the program of PAK FA together with the Indian partners enters also. He is assured that the joint project will surpass the western analogues in criterion cost - efficiency and also will allow to strengthen defensive power of the Air Forces of Russia and India and will take a worthy place in the world market.
according to experts, PAK FA meets all requirements to planes of the fifth generation: economic in service, develops supersonic speed without a forcing, maneuvers in the conditions of the big overloads, and also it is equipped by up-to-date system of intellectualization of a board.
the maximum speed of the new plane will make about 2,1 thousand in km/ ch, range of flight - more than 5 thousand in km. The technology " is aboard used; the Stealth allowing it to remain invisible to a radar.
PAK FA developed by Incorporated aviabuilding corporation, urged to replace such models as the Instant - 29 and the Sou - 27, and also to become analogue American F - 22 the Raptor .