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Thailand the arrested person kazahsko - the Belarus crew has released Silt - 76

Kazahsko - the Belarus crew Silt - 76 on which board the Thai special services have found large party of the weapon, is unbound and prepares for a departure to Astana from the international airport of Bangkok, the radio station " transfers; Echo Moscow .
Before the power of Thailand have declared that are not interested in court over crewmen as those only refuelled in territory of the country and were not going to leave the illegal weapon in Thailand.
such decision have explained including desire to keep good relations with the governments of Belarus and Kazakhstan, whose citizens are crewmen. They will be deported home for judicial proceedings.
we will remind, on December, 12th 2009. The authorities of Thailand have detained the plane Silt - 76 with 35 t the weapon onboard which followed from Pyongyang. According to flight sheet of the plane Silt - 76, the aircraft followed from the North Korea to Teheran, and before the arrival in the Iranian capital the plane has made intermediate landings in Azerbaijan and in Ukraine.
the plane detained by the Thai authorities when - that consisted on arms of the Soviet army, and has been then transferred Ukraine for use in the civil purposes. After that the car repeatedly changed owners: it was used by different owners in Malaysia, Swaziland and the United Arab Emirates.