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The authorities of Makhachkala search guilty of electricity switching-off

In Makhachkala upon mass switching-off of an electricity criminal case is brought. As the radio station " transfers; Echo Moscow today officials recognised that for a day in capital of Dagestan occurs to eight failures on city electric systems.
conditions have become complicated in December 2007., when after heavy rains has sharply become cold. Officials of different level can be involved in responsibility.
we will remind that in capital of Dagestan the day before more than 1 thousand persons suited a protest action. They have blocked the central city highways, opposing faults in giving of light, heat, hot and cold water in apartments. Holding a meeting left on streets with slogans about resignation of the president of Dagestan, the head of Makhachkala and the public prosecutor of republic.
we will add that similar mass actions are spent in Makhachkala any more for the first time. So, on December, 29th last year townsmen at whom have disconnected the electric power, also barricaded streets. As a result motor transport movement in Makhachkala has been paralysed.
on December, 30th holding a meeting again left on city streets. More than 100 townsmen have blocked the prospectus of Kalinin in the centre of Makhachkala. On a scene the squad of OMON which, having applied force has been called, has dispersed participants of the action.
Sledutet to tell and one more: the Dagestan management of Federal antimonopoly service (UFAS) Russia has fined Open Society the Dagestan power marketing company (Dagestan ESK) and Open Society Dagenergo for abusing a leading position in the commodity market, and also default before the given out instruction.
on April, 10th 2007. Dagestan UFAS recognised Dagestan ESK, Dagenergo Open Society the Southern network company MUP Makhachkala city electric networks Broken the legislation, in particular, the law on competition protection, the Civil code and the law on natural monopolies. Infringement was expressed in unreasonable restriction of supply of electricity to diligent payers of Makhachkala.
then, having considered case, antimonopoly management has ordered to the companies to stop restriction of a mode of power consumption concerning diligent consumers and not to suppose similar cases, and also henceforth at introduction of restrictions to be guided by the current legislation of the Russian Federation and rules of functioning of the retail markets of the electric power in a transition period of reforming of electric power industry. The companies should till April, 17th 2007. To inform in antimonopoly management on instruction execution.
at the same time as informs UFAS, notices on execution of the instruction of antimonopoly department from Dagenergo and Dagestan ESK did not arrive. According to item 52 FZ About competition protection Dagestan ESK and Dagenergo have appealed against against the decision and instruction UFAS in Arbitration court of Dagestan. As a result of several considerations, including in appeal instances, the judgement on legitimacy of requirements UFAS to both companies was accepted.
as informs UFAS Dagestan, after coming into force of the decision of court of the notice on execution of the instruction from Dagestan ESK and Dagenergo in antimonopoly body did not arrive. Besides, to Dagestan UFAS Russia continues to arrive complaints from citizens of Makhachkala about proceeding power cutoffs in a city.
letters from management of FSB of the Russian Federation on Republic Dagestan from MUP " also have arrived; Makhachkala city electric networks in which also it was informed on the given fact with the request to take measures concerning guilty persons. In this connection on October, 31st 2007. Concerning Dagestan ESK and Dagenergo have been brought actions on the facts of infringement of the law on competition protection.
by results of disposal of legal proceeding antimonopoly management has fined Dagestan ESK for default before the given out instruction on 500 thousand rbl. and for abusing a leading position in the commodity market - on 3 % from an annual turnover that has made 56,42 million rbl. Dagenergo it is fined accordingly on 350 thousand rbl. and on 2 % from an annual turnover - 17,87 million rbl.
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