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In New York clone trees

the Authorities of New York have decided to clone 25 historical trees, planning to land the next decade about one million new trees on city streets, informs Associated Press.
we want to destroy a stereotype of New York as cities of skyscrapers and sidewalks - the commission agent on parks Adrian Benape has told. In New York a large quantity of historical trees - he has added.
in five areas of New York will be it is taken on five samples of trees of the different breeds which have been selected either local residents, or local administration. To all trees not less than 100 years, and they are recognised by an integral part of a landscape of a city or have special value for local community.
will be as the oldest tree in a city, the elm of St. Nikolosa growing in top Manhetenne under which George Vashington walked 230 years ago during war for independence is cloned. Under cloning will get and trees of Olmsteda planted in the end of 1850 - h in the Central park architect Frederikom Lo Olmstedom.
Trees have been chosen not only from - for the historical values but also because they have passed test by time and city life, in them immunity from many illnesses is put.