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Moldova has received heaters for struggle against a fuel and energy crisis

the European union has directed to Moldova party of heaters, electrogenerators and technical experts which should help to the country to cope with an energy crisis.
the help has been given by the government of Austria. Besides, to Kishinev experts have left Czechia, France and Sweden, is told in the message of the European commission.
the day before it became known that school vacation in Moldova is prolonged till January, 15th of this year By this time of the power hopes to provide normal conditions for study at all schools.
the first vitse - the prime minister, the Minister of Economics and trade of Moldova Igor Dodon has noticed that position remains difficult in Dnestr region where deliveries of blue fuel have been completely stopped and where almost all settlements remained without gas.
the same situation is observed in 14 settlements of Moldova. By words And. Dodona, thanks to the economy effort of gas established at the industrial enterprises, and also transition of thermal power station to the black oil, available reserves of gas will allow to provide normal supply by gas of consumers within days.
the Minister of Economics of Dnestr region Elena Chernenko has declared that Dnestr region plans to create reserves of black oil for its use as alternative fuel. As she said, in Dnestr region which does not receive some days gas, it is necessary to create at least 10 - 20 - dnevnyj a black oil stock as alternative fuel that will allow to avoid an emergency situation.
the head of Ministry of Economics of Dnestr region has expressed a regret because in many settlements of region while translating boiler-houses on gas it was precipitate the old equipment is utilised.