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U.Chavez disconnects light to inhabitants of Venezuela

the Authorities of Venezuela have entered serial switching-off of consumers of the electric power for the term up to four hours daily, transfers Associated Press.
this measure is entered to reduce loading by hydroelectric power station Guri which develops 73 % of the electric power of the state. If the water level in a dam reaches a critical minimum, it will mean a collapse of all system of an electrical supply of Venezuela.
switching-off will begin since January, 13th 2010. In Caracas. In some parts of the country will disconnect consumers at two o`clock, in some - on three, and some - on all four. This innovation, as well as others, directed on reduction of consumption of an electricity, will last till May 2010., consider in the government of Venezuela. Then, under forecasts of weather forecasters, there will come a season of rains and a problem of maintenance with the electric power will not stand so sharply.
Earlier the government of Venezuela has reduced hours of supply by an electricity of shopping centres and has demanded from the large companies and housing estates to lower current consumption on 20 %.