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Banks have closed credits of more than 20 victims of a fire in Perm

Banks completely have closed over 20 credits which were received earlier by some inhabitants of Perm who has become by victims of a fire in club the Lame horse . On the instructions of the governor in the Perm edge the special working group into which experts in matters of law, the finance have entered is created, representatives of the Perm notarial chamber, etc.
with bank credits have addressed For the help in the decision of questions 22 relatives of victims and victims, from them on two question is solved completely - debts are restructured, on one assistance in reception of insurance payment for credit repayment is rendered, on other addressed work proceeds.
Besides, as informs a press - service of administration of the Perm edge, banks have written off (i.e. have completely closed) more than 20 credits, by means of insurance payments are closed more than 10 credits, over 10 credits are restructured.
Now the edge government carries on negotiations with 17 banks.
we will notice that 40 days from the date of tragical events - 2009 today are executed on December, 5th. There was the largest fire in the Perm club the Lame horse which has carried away 154 human lives. In all Perm temples have passed requiems on victims. According to the Ministry of Emergency Measures, in hospitals till now there are 55 persons. Doctors consider a condition of 5 persons as the heaviest.