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The Pope has forgiven the woman who has attacked him

Pope Benedict XVI has met today the woman who has snatched on it during a Christmas mass on December, 25th 2009., also has forgiven her, informs Associated Press referring to representatives of Vatican.
25 - the summer Sjuzanna Majolo attacking the pontifex in St. Peter`s Cathedral, has apologised before it for the act. Benedict XVI has enquired after its health and wanted to show that has forgiven her the representative of Vatican has specified.
on the night of December, 25th 2009. The woman has jumped through obstacles in St. Peter`s Cathedral in Vatican before the beginning of a Christmas mass and has tumbled down the Pope on a floor. After incident 82 - summer Benedict XVI has independently risen to the feet, without having received physical traumas, and has continued the performance. However aged cardinal Rozhe Echegaraj has fallen at an attack and has broken a hip. The culprit of incident as it was found out, suffers mental frustration.
Incident in St. Peter`s Cathedral has caused in memory a drama episode 1981., when attempt at Pope John Pavel II has been made, and has revived fears for safety of head Rimsko - Catholic church. The Turk of Mehmet Ali Agdzha who shot at John Pavel II, next week should leave prison and promises to tell about motives of attempt. In 1983. John Pavel II has met the terrorist shooting at it and has forgiven him.