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B.Obama has promised to do the utmost for Haiti

Head of the White house Barack Obama has declared that the USA will render Haiti proof support in overcoming of consequences of this especially awful tragedy .
According to the American leader, the first rescue crews from the USA will arrive to a disaster zone already today. All nations should join efforts on liquidation of consequences of earthquake to Haiti and to restoration of island republic, B.Obama has called, transfers Bi - bi - si.
In the meantime the first interview was given by the president of Haiti Ren Preval who by miracle has survived in elements epicentre. As he said, the capital of the country - about - Prens represents Port unimaginable a show. the parliament, a building of tax service, school and hospital are destroyed - R.Preval has told. The president is afraid that thousand people were lost.
we will remind, today about midnight Moscow time in 15 km from Port - about - Prens has occurred a series of earthquakes. Tremors reached 7 points and have considerably destroyed capital Haiti and adjoining territories. The exact data about victims and victims is not present till now - practically right after pushes telephone and other communication with a disaster zone has been interrupted. However it is clear that it is a question of thousand lost and several tens thousand the people who have remained without a roof over the head. Among victims - 5 employees of mission of the United Nations to Haiti. More than 100 representatives of mission are registered on missing persons, including head of mission, the Tunisian diplomat Hedi Annabi. Peacemakers from Brazil, China, Jordan were lost. According to preliminary data, have suffered or have incurred a material damage about 3 million persons.
to Haiti the international humanitarian help soon will start to arrive, the airport in republic capital is ready to acceptance of planes, representatives of the United Nations have informed today. On island there should arrive saving groups from the USA, France, China, Venezuela and other countries. The secretary general of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon has informed that its organisation allocates Haiti of 10 million dollars from the extreme fund. Readiness to help to Haiti - to the poorest state of the Western hemisphere - was expressed also by the International currency fund.