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The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Poland has indirectly accused Russia of L.Kachinsky`s destruction

the Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Poland Hedgehogs Miller has commented on the report of the chairman Tatyana Anodinoj`s POPPY about board causes of death eks - president Lech Kaczynski. The Russian dispatchers of the airport Northern have been obliged to forbid landing to the presidential plane in connection with bad weather conditions, E.Miller on air of TV channel TVN24 has declared on January, 12th.
Reaction of dispatchers to landing attempt should be unequivocal - the Minister of Internal Affairs and administrations of Poland has declared. neither Russia, nor Poland were not ready to safety of flight of the plane - has drawn a conclusion E.Miller. Visit of premieres - the minister of Poland Donald Tuska to Smolensk on April, 7th 2010. Also has not been prepared and spent properly, the minister has noticed.
On the conclusion of a commission of experts of Interstate aviation committee in which structure there were representatives of the Russian and Polish parties, the reason of wreck of the plane They be 154 morning on April, 10th 2010. Refusal of crew of a board spare airdrome began to use. Pilots have ignored the message of dispatchers of the Smolensk airport on unsatisfactory weather conditions and have made decision to make landing in the conditions of low visibility. The plane was wrecked: as a result of failure were lost 96 persons who were onboard during that moment.
the Polish party continues realisation of own investigation about causes of death of a presidential board. E.Miller has noted positive sides of the report the POPPY. He has added that results of the Polish investigation will be more rigid, than results the POPPY. The minister has not sounded termination dates of the Polish investigation. Today E.Miller and D. Tusk will spend joint a press - conference in which course will comment on results of investigation of the commission the POPPY.