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Slaughter-house in Arizona: Whether all judges are discharged of D.Lofnera`s business

On business of Dzhareda of Lofnera which have arranged a mass slaughter-house in Tucson (State of Arizona), all federal judges are discharged. The fear in partiality of the future verdict became the reason of rejection of judges from discharge of duties: among victims of a slaughter-house there was a colleague of lawyers, federal judge John Roll, inform the American mass-media. The main judge Larri Burns and its assistants have made decision to refuse from execution of process and have asked to appoint to the places of other lawyers.
in yesternight US president Barack Obama and his wife Michel have visited the medical centre of University of Tucson where take place treatment others injured with chaotic shooting - congressman Gabriel Giffords and the usual citizens who have become by victims of the murderer.
the tragedy in the American Tucson has occurred on Saturday on January, 8th 2011. Near to grocery shop in city centre: 22 - the summer man has opened chaotic shooting on the people who have gathered for grand welcome. In total at the moment of attack at a meeting there were some hundreds persons, including colour of political and judicial elite of staff.
the nine-year girl, the assistant to a member of the House of Representatives of the congress of the USA G.Giffords and three more person became victims of the murderer the federal judge of district court of the USA in the State of Arizona. In total as a result of an attack 19 Americans have suffered. Diminished responsibility of the murderer could be possible motive of an attack: psychologists and inspectors have established that recently D.Lofnera`s behaviour differed inadequacy (it have noticed both acquaintances of the criminal, and casual interlocutors on the Internet). After appointment of new judges to the place of the refused lawyers litigation will proceed. Hearings on business will pass in the State of Arizona. The criminal is threatened with a supreme penalty - the death penalty.