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Experts: D.Tusk will disagree with conclusions on tragedy near Smolensk

the Prime minister - the minister of Poland Donald Tusk today, on January, 13th, will give a press - conference on which will comment on the report of Interstate aviation committee (POPPY) on an air crash near Smolensk. According to experts to whom refers Echo Moscow D.Tusk hardly will agree with the definitive conclusions the POPPY presented yesterday in Moscow.
we will remind, from the report follows that the air crash has occurred from - for bad preparations of the Polish pilots and pressure which on them was rendered by officials. They as it is underlined in the document, have insisted on landing in difficult weather conditions.
meanwhile, according to D.Tuska, the fault lies both on pilots, and on dispatchers of airdrome Northern which have resolved board landing. The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Poland Hedgehogs Miller also has declared that dispatchers have been obliged to forbid pilots to put the plane in difficult meteoconditions.
we Will remind, tragedy with presidential They be 154 has occurred on April, 10th 2010. Near Smolensk. The president of Poland Lech Kaczynski as a part of delegation went in Katyn for participation in mourning ceremonies. Failure has carried away lives of 96 persons who were aboard. According to the data of airborne recorders, in a cabin of the aircraft at the moment of accident, besides pilots, there were two strangers - the general of the Air Forces of Poland Andrzej Blasik and the head of a protocol of Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mariush Kazana. It became a tragedy principal cause, experts are assured: pilots have distracted from a steering wheel and have not given value to the message of the dispatcher on almost zero visibility.