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B.Nemtsov about the arrest: Me wanted to intimidate, crush and humiliate

the Co-chairman of movement Solidarity Boris Nemtsov is assured that its arrest is connected with desire of its power to intimidate, crush and humiliate . He has stated such opinion in interview to the newspaper Kommersant .
Despite attempt to intimidate it, B.Nemtsov became even more convinced of the correctness . Therefore on January, 31st again I will go on Triumphal, and 5 - go on conference (new democratic party For Russia without an arbitrariness and corruption ) - the politician has declared.
the oppositionist has noticed that on February, 5th there should pass party conference For Russia without an arbitrariness and corruption which leader it is. According to B.Nemtsov, the country leaders will not allow to register this party.
we will remind, after the next meeting on December, 31st 2010. On the Triumphal area of Moscow some leaders of opposition have been detained. Besides B.Nemtsov, have been detained Ilya Yashin, Edward Limonov and Konstantin Kosjakin. All of them have been sentenced to arrests from 5 till 15 days.
subsequently, on January, 12th, the Tver court of Moscow recognised as lawful B.Nemtsov`s arrest. It recognised as guilty under article 19. 3 KoAP of the Russian Federation (disobedience to legal requirements of police officers).