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Mass-media of Poland: Smolensk tragedy - a result of our irresponsibility

the Report of Interstate aviation committee (POPPY) about investigation of an air crash They be 154 near Smolensk has caused the extremely painful reaction in Poland where, on - visible, to the last hoped that Russia will incur at least a small part of fault for Smolensk accident.
if to leave behind brackets of the statement of the Polish opposition and the statement of supporters of the theory of plot, in local mass-media sustained enough and constructive sights deprived of a hysteria at the report the POPPY and Smolensk tragedy as a whole are looked through. The sense of all these opinions is reduced to that accident near Smolensk - a consequence of irresponsibility of the Polish party though Russian of all truth and have not told.
so considers, for example, observer Gazeta Wyborcza Vaclav Radzivinovich. the Report the POPPY, despite its lacks, has confirmed sad, but obvious things. To tragedy on April, 10th 2010. Have resulted, mainly, our typical irresponsibility, a disorganisation and recklessness - the journalist recognises. At the same time he notices that in the report the POPPY is and a lie . So, according to the Polish journalist, the Russian side has hidden from Warsaw an important part of the information, concerning negotiations of Smolensk dispatchers.
in particular, V.Radzivinovich reminds that during negotiations of dispatchers with crew They be 154 in to a tower there was certain colonel Nikolay Krasnokutsky, which as the Polish party confirms, called to Moscow to the unstated person to consult concerning that, to resolve or forbid plane landing.
special attention of Poles has involved scandalous a conclusion the POPPY about alcohol presence in blood of the commander-in-chief of the Air Forces of Poland of Andrzej Blasika in concentration 0,6 promille. The Polish journalists were revolted not with the fact of detection of alcohol in blood of the military leader, and that ease from which the Russian and many western mass-media have picked up the version that the commander-in-chief of the Air Forces was drunk and in such condition almost independently supervised over crew actions.
aforementioned correspondent Gazeta Wyborcza V.Radzivinovich underlines that it is necessary to approach to the alcoholic version carefully, as after accident of plane Boeing 737 in Perm on September, 14th 2007. In the POPPY have declared that the pilot of the plane was drunk, however was then found out that proofs of it are absent (actually the air crash in Perm has occurred on September, 14th 2008. - a comment) .
About it other Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita publishes opinion of the expert, the professor from chair of forensic medicine of University of Nicolaus Copernicus Karolja Slivki. The expert explains that the data the POPPY yet is not the certificate of that the commander-in-chief of the Polish Air Forces was drunk, after all particles of ethyl spirit can be found in fabrics of any person. But even if general A. Blasik also did not take alcohol before accident, it all the same was in a cabin of pilots at turning points - the Polish party does not challenge this fact - and as the commander-in-chief of the Air Forces, certainly, put psychological pressure upon pilots spetspolka the transport aircraft, operating L.Kachinsky`s by plane.