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The unique arsenal belonging to A.Abashidze

in Adzharii is found the collection of the antiquarian weapon belonging to the former head of autonomous republic to Aslan Abashidze is found out.
As has informed today adzharskoe state security regional government, this fire and a cold steel, which most part it is made in the Middle Ages. On some copies there are donative inscriptions from foreign politicians.
Besides, the imperial weapon of court yard of Russia, France and Spain is found in a hiding place. Collection cost is not defined yet. According to experts, it is unique and represents historical value.
the arsenal has been buried on depth of two metres in a large forest of Kobuletsky area of republic. According to the head of regional government of safety of Adzharii Akakija Tsintsadze, adzharskoe management of a state security had the information on presence of such collection.
Now the unique collection of the antiquarian weapon of A.Abashidze is in adzharskom safety management. In the future it will be transferred in one of museums.
it is necessary to notice that among earlier withdrawn at eks - heads Adzharii of property are one more unique collection - the nursery of German shepherds numbering more of hundred dogs of elite breed and a family tree.
by the way, two weeks ago it became known that the Georgian authorities have arrested A.Abashidze`s property and his families, being on territory of Georgia. Arrest is imposed on some houses and apartments in Batumi and Tbilisi, into accounts in Sea bank of Georgia, on a building of Didi Banks (the Big bank) in adzharskoj to capital, and also on shares of members of a family of A.Abashidze in the various private companies. It is made according to a judgement. If the court makes the decision on property withdrawal, it will be completely transferred the state. On August, 25th Office of Public Prosecutor Adzharii has addressed in the Supreme court of an autonomy with the claim about confiscation of the property belonging were adzharskomu to leader Aslan Abashidze and members of his family.
we will remind, among A.Abashidze`s personal property and its relatives the ground areas, real estate, the enterprises, expensive cars appear, bank accounts, etc. the Total cost of this property makes over 50 million dollars the Part of personal property of A.Abashidze has been arrested even this summer.