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The Nobel Prize under the literature was received by the British

the Nobel Prize in the field of the literature for 2005. The British playwright Harold Pinter is awarded. About it it is told in the message of the Nobel committee.
this year award of the main literary award is connected with scandal. Shortly before this event one of life members of the Swedish academy, 82 - the summer literary critic and historian Knut Anlund has unexpectedly declared the resignation. He declared that leaves Academy selecting winners in protest at the decision on award of the Nobel Prize of last year to the Austrian writer Elfriede Jelinek, the author of the known novel the Pianist which screen version in 2001 has won Gran - at the Cannes film festival.
the Swedish academy motivated the decision on award of Elinek of the Nobel Prize with that in novels and stories of the writer With extraordinary language eagerness the absurdity of cliches existing in a society and their enthralling force " comes to light;. However in the post card published in Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, Knud Anlund named works of Elinek as the empty writing deprived of ideas, however full of banalities and a refined pornography, and has doubted that other academicians in general read this weight of the text which literally has been stuck together in a uniform heap without a hint on art structure .
This decision from the very beginning was wrong, - confirms Knut Anlund, - it has caused an irreparable damage of value of an award in the foreseeable future and has created konfuznuju a situation concerning general vision of the literature as arts . Anlund has informed also that after all happened does not consider comprehensible to remain for itself as a part of the Swedish academy even formally.
however as the secretary of Swedish Academy Horas Engdal " has informed; Knuta Anlunda resignation will not render influence on procedure of election of the new winner as it did not accept participation in work of the Nobel committee since 1996 . Referring that from the post card of Anlunda the reasons which have induced it to protest only year after are not clear, H.Engdal has assumed that the academician has decided to sadden thus ceremony of announcement of the Nobel winner of 2005.
the Swedish royal academy of Sciences already declared award of Nobel Prizes on medicine, the physicist, chemistry, economy, and also named the owner of the most prestigious award - world awards. Winners of the award in the field of physiology and medicine were the Australian scientific Barrys Marshall and Robin Warren which have opened a bacterium helicobacter pylori, causing a gastritis and stomach ulcer, and also capable to provoke a stomach cancer.
the Nobel Prize on the physicist is awarded to American John Hollu and the scientist from Germany by Teodoru Henshu for the contribution to development of laser spectroscopy, and also to the American physicist Roju Globeru - for the contribution to development of the quantum theory optical kogerentnosti.
by Nobel prize winners in the field of chemistry the French scientist Iv Shoven both the American scientists Robert Grabbs and Richard Shrok are declared, the award is awarded by it for the contribution to development of a method of the metathesis to organic synthesis.
the head of IAEA Mohammed El - Baradei became the owner of the award of the world for 2005. It has divided this honourable award with the organisation. As it has been declared by heads of committee sitting at Norway, the award have awarded to agency for efforts on prevention of use of atomic energy for military needs, and also for maintenance of the most safe use of atomic energy in the peace purposes .
the Nobel Prize in the field of economy the citizen of Israel Robert Aumann and the American scientist Thomas Schelling are awarded. They are awarded for the contribution to development of dynamic macroeconomic, namely for studying of the factor of a time constancy in economic policy and a motive power of business cycles.
for all time of the existence the Nobel Prize has been awarded to only 17 our compatriots, and five - in the field of the literature. Writer Ivan Bunin (1933) became the first Russian Nobel winner. After it of the pivotal literary award B.L.Pasternak (1958), M.A.Sholokhov (1965) have received, A.I.Solzhenitsyn, (1970), I.A.Brodsky (1987).
Traditionally ceremony of rewarding of winners passes in day of death of Alfred Nobel - on December, 10th. Nobel Prizes on medicine, the physicist, chemistry, to the literature and economy are handed over in Stockholm by the king of Sweden Charles Gustav XVI. The world Nobel Prize is handed over by the chairman of the Norwegian Nobel committee in Oslo in the presence of the king of Norway Harold V and members of royal family. The size of an award makes 10 million Swedish crones (1,1 million euro or 1,3 million dollars).