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Names of organizers of an attack to Nalchik

the Attack to Nalchik are named have organised ardent Wahhabites Anzor Astemirov and Iless Gorchhanov who are wanted for the attack organisation on Management of drug enforcement of Ingushetia in June 2004. The assistant to the general public prosecutor of the Russian Federation Vladimir Kolesnikov has informed On it. A.Astemirov has been killed today during military operations.
by words zamgenprokurora, as a result of operation in capital Kabardino - Balkarii are destroyed about 20 insurgents, 12 are detained. 12 militiamen and 12 civilians were lost. As V.Kolesnikov has informed, all in an attack on a city participated from 80 to 100 insurgents. Now in 3 - I eat department of the Department of Internal Affairs of Nalchik there are 7 insurgents. Two more insurgents are blocked in one of the central shops of a city.
V.Kolesnikov has informed on criminal case excitation under articles 205 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (terrorism) and 105 (murder). Now interrogations of the detained insurgents and witnesses are spent.
now Nalchik from three parties is blocked by army divisions. According to the commander 58 - j army the general - lieutenant Victor Soboleva, now army divisions 58 - j armies together with other power structures continue special action on destruction of the rests of insurgents in territory of Kabardino - Balkarii.
Actions for destruction of insurgents have begun even at last night, has specified V.Sobolev, having noticed that thanks to that that to Nalchik has been thrown 135 - j an army regiment, it was possible to beat off an attack of insurgents on the airport.
according to V.Soboleva while losses among military men are not present, but one of them is wounded. According to preliminary data, in an attack to Nalchik participated not less than 200 insurgents, has added V.Sobolev. As he said, on all adjacent with Kabardino - Balkariej territories is strengthened protection vital and, first of all, military facilities. All military divisions 58 - j are translated army on the strengthened mode of performance of duty. According to a source in a staff 58 - j armies, in Kabardino - Balkariju continue to be thrown additional army divisions and operative groups.
as to the information on quantity of victims during fights in Nalchik the definitive data about it while is not present. According to some information, in 1 - uju and 2 - uju city hospitals of Nalchik have been delivered today 88 wounded men. From them 7 civil two insurgents, other militiamen. In republican hospital 58 wounded men have arrived.

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