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The majority of Russians periodically buy meal in the market

the Majority of Russians (70 %) at least sometimes go on the food markets where the products grown up or made in personal part-time farms are on sale. To such conclusion the fund " has come; Public opinion following the results of October poll of Russians.
as results of poll, a share of those who at least sometimes buys meal in the market, above in big cities show. So, in Moscow this figure reaches 87 %, in other megacities - 79 %. In the big and small cities the number of visitors of the markets reaches 72 %, whereas in villages only 57 %.
Consider that the prices in the markets more low, than in shops, 40 % of participants of poll that they identical - 39 %. And only 8 % of the interrogated assert that market prices above. Answering a question on quality of products in the markets, 26 % of Russians have declared that in the markets quality above, than in shops; Consider it approximately the same 44 %, and only 13 % assert that in the markets trade in products more poor quality.
during poll it was found out also as Russians estimate a situation in the markets. It is more than half of respondents (52 %) consider that sellers behave politely, 23 % - that are impolite.
It was discussed also, whether it is enough in the markets of local products. Believe that it is enough of them, 48 % of respondents that is not enough - 33 %. Nevertheless the majority of Russians (60 %) believe that owners of personal part-time farms have a possibility to sell in the markets foodstuff. 23 % interrogated adhere to opposite opinion, specifying in monopoly of secondhand dealers, absence of places in the markets, high transport costs and etc.
population Poll is spent in 100 settlements 44 of areas, edges and republics of Russia, is interrogated 1,5 thousand respondents. The statistical error does not exceed 3,6 %.