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On Sunday in Moscow snow

In the European territory of Russia the first decade of October will go has stood out is abnormal the warm: in both capitals the monthly average temperature on four degrees has exceeded norm. And here, as show calculations of weather forecasters, in forthcoming days off conditions will sharply change. The soft Atlantic will be warmly replaced by cold winds from Arctic regions, informs the server GISMETEO. News .
In Moscow aloud will become cold: rains, on Sunday with a sleet, and a dank north will lower temperature with +5 +7 to +3 +5 degrees.
in even more rigid frameworks cold Arctic intrusion will put inhabitants of the Volga region. In Nizhni Novgorod and Samara there will pass a sleet, temperature 0 +2 degrees.
the affinity to Atlantic will essentially affect formation of weather conditions in Northern capital. Despite rains, in a city on Neva at night +4 +6, in the afternoon 6 8 heats.
and Chernozem region cold breath of Arctic regions will concern. In Voronezh rains will go and will become cold to +5 +7 degrees.
the southern federal district remains in area maloaktivnogo atmospheric front which will provide unstable weather with an intermittent rain, places with fogs. In area Sochi temperature of air and sea water approximately +19 +21. In Yalta on pair degrees is colder.
in Ural Mountains weather will be formed under the influence of an inactive cold cyclone. In Ekaterinburg will pass deposits, mainly in the form of a sleet. And as to temperature, it will make at night about 0, in the afternoon +1 +3 degrees.
in Siberia weather is stabilised, but from it becomes even colder at night. In Novosibirsk at daybreak the temperature will go down to - 2 - 4 degrees, in the afternoon the thermometer column will fluctuate hardly above a zero mark. The probability of short-term snow in such situation will exceed 70 %.
Afterwards behind face-to-face section the Arctic air will come to Pribaikalye. In Irkutsk will pass deposits, the day temperature will go down with +6 +8 to +3 +5. Small frosts, - 3 - 5 degrees at night are expected.
the same dynamics of weather conditions is expected and in the Far East. The cyclone with system of atmospheric fronts will bring rains and a cold snap in Primorski Krai. In Vladivostok on Saturday night +9 +11, in the afternoon +14 +16. And on Sunday thermometers will fix +5 +7 and +9 +11 degrees accordingly.