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The world Nobel Prize for 2006 is handed over.

a world Nobel Prize for 2006. Have awarded Grameen Bank and to its founder to the citizen Bangladesh Muhammadu Junusu (1940) .
As they say in the message of the Nobel committee, the award is awarded for efforts in creation of economic and social development from below . The monetary award will be halved.
M.Junus and Grameen Bank is realised to Bangladesh by innovative economic programs, including on crediting of the population which allow poor inhabitants to struggle Bangladesh with poverty. The credit is given without pledge. each person on the earth has the right also possibility to lead worthy life. Counter to culture and a civilisation, M.Junus and Grameen Bank have shown that most the poorest among poor men can work for the blessing to itself(himself) - it is told in the message of the Nobel committee.
in 2005. The Nobel Prize to the world have awarded to the International agency on atomic energy (IAEA) and its head Mohammed El - Baradei for the contribution to struggle against distribution of the nuclear weapon.
Usually the list of the Nobel nominees is kept a secret within 50 years, and the Nobel committee refuses to confirm that those or other people have really appeared among applicants. At the same time names of nominees are disclosed quite often by those who offers their Nobel committee. This year in the list on the award there was 191 competitor.
ceremony of rewarding of the Nobel winners passes in day of death of Alfred Nobel - on December, 10th. Traditionally Nobel Prizes on medicine, the physicist, chemistry, to the literature and economy are handed over in Stockholm by the king of Sweden Charles Gustav XVI. And only the world Nobel Prize is handed over by the chairman of the Norwegian Nobel committee in Oslo in the presence of the king of Norway Harold V and members of royal family. The size of an award makes 10 million Swedish crones (1,1 million euro or 1,3 million dollars). For the first time the Nobel Prize was handed over in 1901.