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At the gas station of the known fuel company filled with a substitute

In Moscow suburbs activity of the tank farm which were engaged in manufacture and realisation of forged gasoline is stopped, have informed in a press - department service on struggle against the organised crime and terrorism of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.
a tank farm Kotelniki is in Ljuberetsky area in the former territory of helicopter factory. In hangars manufacture of gasoline of marks of Ai - 92 and Ai - 95 which quality did not correspond to state standards has been organised. In particular, gasoline of the specified marks turned out as a result of mixing nizkooktanovogo fuel and special additives. The received mix was carried on the gas stations working under a brand of one of the largest fuel companies of the Moscow region.
in some hours gasoline became again nizkooktanovym, however was realised at the raised price - have informed in a press - service. Field investigators have counted up that daily at the specified enterprise some thousand tons of the forged fuel that brought in to owners of the enterprise million incomes were made. According to the withdrawn documents, the tank farm has been created in 2003.
Now the enterprise is closed, check for the purpose of an establishment of owners of a tank farm and their attraction to responsibility is spent.
we will remind, the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov repeatedly showed concern in quality of automobile fuel in capital region. As he said, the problem of poor-quality fuel now is one of the sharpest not only in Moscow, but also in all country. 80 % of pollution of the air environment of capital are exhausts of cars. An assumption of such unpleasant things as, for example, presence of salts of heavy metals at gasoline, is a full disgrace - J.Luzhkov has underlined. The examination spent in the summer of this year Has revealed that about 20 % of fuel (gasoline and diesel fuel), realised in Moscow, was poor-quality.