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The Russian diplomat is sentenced in the USA to imprisonment

the High-ranking Russian diplomat Vladimir Kuznetsov sentenced by the American court to four years and three months of imprisonment on charge in arrangement to the money-laundering purpose. It is offered to it to be under guards on October, 22nd of this year
As transfers TV channel to Conduct after departure of term of punishment V.Kuznetsov as early as will be two years under police supervision.
at present its deportation to Russia is not discussed. This question can be considered only after it will leave imprisonment.
V.Kuznetsov has not pled guilty. I fairly served 25 years my government on various posts and in United Nations bodies. As the head of committee (on administrative - to budgetary questions) the actions I have not caused the United Nations of any damage - he has told in the last word in court.
According to a judgement, the diplomat should pay and some penalties for a total sum about 175 thousand dollars.
V.Kuznetsov a day before adjudgment has informed that counts on conditional term. Protection of the diplomat has already declared that will appeal against sentence within ten days. According to the Russian consul in New York Sergey Garmonina, V.Kuznetsovu`s sentence is unfair. the court has constructed the conclusion on indications only one witness, without having accepted other indications testifying in favour of protection by Kuznetsova - he has noted.
48 - the summer V.Kuznetsov heading committee of the United Nations on control over the budget, has been arrested by employees of FBI on September, 1st 2005. On suspicion in money-laundering. As confirms charge, it in 2000. Has based the offshore company for concealment of the criminal incomes received from not named employee of department of purchases of the United Nations. According to the representative of the charge which have acted on the condition of anonymity, these charges are indirectly connected with the United Nations program Oil in exchange for the foodstuffs .
we Will remind, on March, 7th of this year the American jury unanimously recognised V.Kuznetsova guilty of a collusion for the purpose of money-laundering. The court should accept the final decision on a sentence and define term of imprisonment of the Russian diplomat still on June, 25th 2007. Soon after a March judgement of the diplomat have released from the prison on the security in 1,5 million dollars, having left under house arrest.
we will notice that term of possible imprisonment appeared in materials of district Office of Public Prosecutor of New York on V.Kuznetsova`s business till 20 years.
process of a legal investigation of V.Kuznetsova has caused weight of questions from outside the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. In particular, the ministry was amazed with the fact of arrest of V.Kuznetsova which was not necessity for investigation carrying out. Also questions have arisen in connection with unreasonably high pledge and is unjustified severe constraints of stay of V.Kuznetsova after its clearing on the security. About it it was told in the statement Russian the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
foreign policy department of the Russian Federation underlined that during process, and also court, pressure that is the roughest infringement of remedial rules was put upon V.Kuznetsova and witnesses from the American Office of Public Prosecutor.
V.Kuznetsov became already the second Russian employee of the United Nations, the arrested person on suspicion in money-laundering. On similar charge on August, 8th 2005. Other Russian - Alexander Jakovlev has been arrested.