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The telescope for search of extraterrestrial forms of life

In American Het Shout is created that in 500 kilometres to the north from San Frantsisko (State of California) the unusual radio telescope has started to operate. Its problem - search of extraterrestrial civilisations.
telescope Allen Telescope Array (ATA) is named in honour of one of founders of company Microsoft of Paul Allen which has allocated for creation of this tool of 25 million dollars. Now ATA consists of 42 aerials in diameter of 6 m, however their number it is planned to finish to 350 that demands additional investments approximately in 25 million dollars.
in ATA two are used standard satellite plates available on sale. The data obtained by means of them is processed by special programs for a filtration of the noise created by activity of the person.
founders ATA hope to catch signals of other live beings in the Universe approximately to 2025. It is expected also that the telescope will help to collect the additional data about such phenomena, as supernew stars, black holes and the various exotic astronomical objects, which existence it is theoretically predicted, but in practice it was not observed.
the centre is under a joint management of Radio-astronomical laboratory of the Californian university in Berkeley and Institute SETI which is engaged in search of extraterrestrial forms of life. technical possibilities ATA in a geometrical progression increase ability SETI to catch signals of reasonable life that can lead to opening of conceiving beings in other parts of the Universe - consider in SETI.