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Bent for to chocolate depends on intestines

the Swiss scientists have established that bent for to chocolate has a scientific explanation. Sunil Kochhar and its colleagues have established that the desire to eat chocolate is caused by bacteria which are in digestive system of the person, informs Associated Press.
scientists have compared microflora of intestines of fans of chocolate and people who are indifferent to it. It is remarkable that researchers have spent about one year, trying to find 11 people who do not eat chocolate. Scientists have found out that fans of chocolate have higher level aminouksusnoj acids while taurina which is a part of the majority of power drinks, it is more at those who does not eat chocolate. Also at fans of chocolate lower level of cholesterol is observed.
the professor of medicine Sam Klein from university of Washington which was not included into S.Kochhara`s group, considers that since Bacteria co-operate that we eat it is logical to assume that there is a communication between microflora and desire to eat this or that product. Whether
scientists still should find out cause bacteria desire to eat chocolate or diet of the person in early childhood leads to formation at it intestinal flora of certain structure. But in itself detection of communication between microflora and a food is important, since gives the chance to regulate a food, directing it to the necessary party, considers Kochhar.