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The American economist became the Nobel prize winner

the Nobel prize winner on economy for 2008. There was American Pol Krugman. About it it is told in the message of the Nobel committee published today. It is noticed that the award has been awarded for researches in the field of structure of trade and manufacture placing .
the Economist P.Krugman with 2000. Teaches at Princeton university. In its scientific researches questions of the international economy are considered.
P.Krugmanom had been published such works on international trade and economy as the Strategic commercial policy and the new international economic theory Spatial economy: cities, regions and international trade the Commercial policy and market structure .
we Will remind, in 2007. The Nobel Prize on economy has been awarded to the American economists Leonid Gurvits, Eric Maskinu and Roger Majersonu for researches in the field of the so-called theory of creation of a market mechanism (mechanism design theory).
the Nobel Prize is handed over with 1901. In 1968. The award of Bank of Sweden on economy in memory of Alfred Nobel (the Nobel Prize on economy) is founded. Traditionally ceremony of rewarding of winners passes in day of death of Alfred Nobel - on December, 10th. The size of monetary compensation makes 10 million Swedish crones (1,36 million US dollar). All awards are handed over in Stockholm, except for the world award which ceremony of delivery passes in Oslo.