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Import duties for foreign cars are prolonged for 9 months

the Government has renewed import duties for foreign cars for 9 months. The corresponding decision publishes today the Russian newspaper .
the Governmental order of the Russian Federation About prolongation of period of validity of rates of the import customs duties concerning some motor vehicles comes into force from now on.
we will remind that the decision on increase in duties on old import automobile and lorries was accepted in the end of the last year. On the average they have increased from 25 % to 30 %. This measure should limit, on the one hand, import second-hand and consequently unsafe cars, with another - to support home producers. Period of validity of this norm expired in September. But now it can be prolonged till June of next year.
at the same time the average price for new foreign cars has fallen to 22,2 thousand dollars (against 26,4 thousand In the end 2008). For the account vazovskih models (LADA Priora and luxury executions LADA Kalina), and also of some budgetary foreign cars has essentially extended the sales volume in a range from 6 thousand dollars to 10 thousand dollars
Following the results of January - June on this segment was necessary hardly more than 30 % of the market, whereas following the results of 2008. - only 12,6 % of the market. At the expense of moving to cheaper niche of some models from 10 thousand to 20 thousand dollars Now the price range almost was twice reduced to it it is necessary only hardly more a market quarter (25,7 %), whereas last year - more than 45 %.