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Deputies suggest to toughen laws on the weapon

In the Duma the bill on which the owner of a gun, a carbine, a pistol at address change is obliged to rise on " is introduced; the weapon account in fortnight term after the arrival on a new residence. About it writes today the Russian newspaper .
- the secretary - the deputy minister of internal affairs of Russia the general - the colonel of militia Nikolay Ovchinnikov has told Stats to the correspondent of the edition that the amendment to the law About the weapon will help to put things in order the account trunks being at the population. Bill acceptance will allow militiamen and more seriously to punish forgetful hunters - not to prolong it the licence for the weapon.
and here the quantity of trades, participation to which assumes weapon carrying, can be increased. In the State Duma offers on changes of two laws - " are made; About bowels and About the weapon .
Sense of the bill - to allow to arm to employees of those organisations who spend field works on geological studying of bowels on the Far North and in other remote areas. These initiatives has supported the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.
if the bill will be accepted, the department conducting geological prospecting, should get and hand over itself to the employees the civil or office weapon. N.Ovchinnikov has told that all details - to whom, how many and what trunks to hand over, what will be put a unit of fire - will be already in detail worked in podzakonnyh certificates and interdepartmental orders. Most likely, researchers will arm with smooth-bore guns and cut carbines. Pistols, as well as some deputies insisted, scientific will not receive.
in turn, the expert of the company Gulf Stream Stanislav Samodumsky also considers that the amendment to the law About the weapon It is justified and will positively affect on the general account of the weapon in the country. He recognised that the similar problem in Russia exists. in the country actively develops the market of the traumatic weapon, however system of training of its correct use till now widely it is not introduced - the expert has underlined.
S.Samodumsky has added that in Russia it is necessary to create more than accessible shooting galleries and shooting ranges where people will help to learn to handle the weapon. Besides, according to the expert, the given measure will help to develop culture of safe handling of the weapon with the country. Also, cases of a misuse of the defensive, traumatic weapon are influenced by low legal culture and certain intensity in a society. All these factors also push the authorities on working out of more perfect tools of the account of the weapon which is at citizens.