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V.Putin: Work on crisis overcoming causes a certain drive

Work on economic crisis overcoming causes a certain drive, the prime minister - the minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin in interview to the Chinese mass-media has noticed.
answering a question as he feels as the chairman of the government of the Russian Federation after terms of presidency what puts problems, V.Putin has reminded that some time ago when it was the president, the plan for development of the country to 2020 has been formulated., and he took active part in working out of this strategic plan. now, being the chairman of the government, I have a unique possibility to carry out in practice this plan. I am very happy with it - the prime minister has told.
as he said, the world today is in a unique situation, a situation financial and an economic crisis, and the sharpest direction in work - crisis overcoming . I basically like to be engaged in affairs of such scale and such sharpness, it causes a certain drive. I am quite satisfied by practical filling of the work - the head of the government has added.
he has noticed that with the decision of complicated questions it is possible to consult that should cause satisfactions. as well as any sensible person everyone of us always has a feeling of that it is possible to make even more and is even better - the Russian prime minister has told.