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The Finnish court has condemned the Russian for abduction of own child

District court of the Finnish city of Tampere has sentenced Russian Rimmu Salonen to conditional punishment in one year and six months. It is recognised by guilty of abduction of own child, the radio station " informs; the Beacon .
At definitive judicial session the court of the first instance has refused the brought R.Salonen of accusations in forgery, however charge in deprivation of the child of freedom since March 2008. Till April 2009. It has been upheld.
the court has obliged R.Salonen to refund expenses, arisen by search and attempts of meetings of the father with the child and also to pay the damages connected with sufferings of Anton Salonena . Also the court of Tampere has obliged the Russian partially to compensate to the claimant, the ex-husband R.Salonen and the father of boy Paavo Salonenu, expenses on proceeding.
the citizen of Russia of the River Salonen has been arrested in Finland on charge in kidnapping. On August, 3rd 2009. The Finnish court has released it under a subscription about nevyezde duration of 60 days.
in April 2009. R.Salonen has addressed in OVD Balakhna (Nizhniy Novgorod region) with the statement that its ex-husband P.Salonen has stolen their general son Anton. It was found out later that P.Salonen in May 2009. By means of the consul of Finland in St.-Petersburg Simo Pietiljajnena has taken out the child to Finland in a luggage carrier of the car of the diplomat.
the Finnish party has declared that Anton`s mother herself has broken the Finnish legislation, when in 2008. Has taken out the minor citizen of Finland from territory of the country without the permission of the father whom the Finnish court has appointed the trustee of the child.
it is necessary to notice that under the Russian laws P.Salonen was wrong just. The Finnish consul who has helped it, declared the persona non grata. Besides, the prime minister - minister Vladimir Putin named actions of the diplomat by trust blasting between two countries.