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In Russia two vaccines against a pork flu

In Federal Agency of supervision in sphere of public health services and social development of the Russian Federation (Roszdravnadzor), according to the current legislation, on October, 13th 2009 are registered. Vaccines against a flu And (H1N1) are officially registered.
It is a question of vaccines of manufacture FGUP NPO the Microgene : Infljuvir a vaccine influenzal live monovalency, and Pandeflju a vaccine influenzal inaktivirovannaja subedinichnaja the adsorbed monovalency. As they say in the message a press - the department services, the given preparations can be used now for immunization of adult population of Russia that opens essentially new possibilities in struggle against a flu And (H1N1).
As it is marked in the message, in connection with the social importance of the specified preparations registration was spent on special procedure. The data received as a result of clinical researches on adults, testifies to good shipping, high level of safety and absence reaktogennosti both vaccines. Roszdravnadzorom the permission to carrying out of clinical researches to children is given out.
in manufacture of vaccines (CART) recommended by World Health Organization as the potential candidate new protivogrippoznoj vaccines A (H1N1), and And/ 17/ California/ 2009/ 38, developed by domestic scientists on the basis of a reference virus was used shtamm And/ California/ 7/ 2009 (H1N1).
Besides, on October, 16th 2009. On advisory council Roszdravnadzora materials doklinicheskih and clinical researches pandemicheskih vaccines of the pharmaceutical company " will be considered; Petrovaks .