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E.Bychkova`s protection will appeal against sentence nizhnetagilskogo vessels

a court Verdict on Egor Bychkova`s business with which course have interfered the vocalist of group a Chaif Vladimir Shahrin and the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev, will be appealed against. The fund founder has informed on it the City without drugs Evgenie Rojzman in radio station interview Echo Moscow .
the President of the Russian Federation D.Medvedev has charged to the State Office of Public Prosecutor to take over the control of E.Bychkova`s business after a meeting with the vocalist of group a Chaif which has told to the head of the state of a detail of business. The president has promised to the musician that will penetrate into a problem and will understand .
Head nizhnetagilskogo fund branch the City without drugs Egor Bychkov has been sentenced to 3,5 years of a colony of a high security on ch. 2 items 127 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( Illegal imprisonment ), ch. 2 items 126 ( Kidnapping ) And ch. 2 items 117 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( Tortures ). To it incriminated these crimes concerning the narcodependent patients passing rehabilitation at the desire of their parents in a clinic of fund. Under the version of the investigation, 23 - summer Egor Bychkov and its assistants, 28 - summer Alexander Vasjakin and 20 - summer Vitaly Pagin, were engaged in abduction of addicts and their tortures in a clinic. The Office of Public Prosecutor demanded to sentence the head of fund to 12 years of imprisonment.
E.Bychkov has headed branch of antinarcotic fund in Nizhni Tagil in 2006. In 2008. On the president of fund and its companions criminal case has been got. According to E.Bychkova, criminal prosecution has been organised from giving of local drug dealers and carried out by selling employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs what he has declared in the last word during yesterday`s proceeding.