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To the organizer of act of terrorism in Vladikavkaz have not shown charges

the Director of FSB of Russia Alexander Bortnikov the day before has informed on disclosing of September act of terrorism in the Central market of Vladikavkaz 19 persons became which victims. The consequence has established that the organizer of act of terrorism is the former militiaman Issa Hashagulgov heading the Ingush branch badformirovanija Imarat caucasus .
It is specified that I.Hashagulgova`s relatives have carried out explosion in the centre of the North Ossetia capital. Thus protection of the accused confirms, as if to the organizer of act of terrorism has not been shown charges in terrorism.
lawyer I.Hashagulgova asserts that its ward has learnt that is one of the nearest confidants of the Caucasian terrorist to 1 Dock Umarova, only on established in the chamber of a pre-trial detention centre to the TV.
we will notice that the leader of the Ingush grouping of a band Imarat caucasus And. Hashagulgov was on September, 27th 2010. It is detained in the Republic Ingushetia city of Karabulak. According to the message published on one of sites of the Caucasian extremists, law enforcement officers also have tried to detain his younger brother Jakuba. I.Hashagulgov has been detained on suspicion in a management of an illegal armed formation, and also fire-arms illegal circulation.
we will remind, act of terrorism in Vladikavkaz has occurred on September, 9th 2010. Nearby 11:20 Moscow time the suicide bomber who was in the car Volga parked at an input on the Central market of Vladikavkaz, has put in action an explosive filled with metal amazing elements. Capacity of a bomb has made nearby 30 - 40 kg in a trotyl equivalent. As a result of explosion of 19 persons were lost, 233 have got wounds.