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Rosprirodnadzor will challenge a judgement on wood auctions

Federal Agency of supervision in wildlife management sphere (Rosprirodnadzor) intend to challenge the decision of Arbitration court of Moscow - to refuse satisfaction of claim FGU the Zvenigorodsky forest area about a recognition illegal the orders, wood auctions concerning carrying out on the sites subordinated to timber enterprises of Moscow Region.
on it has informed the deputy head Rosprirodnadzora Oleg Mitvol, having added thus that the court has satisfied the petition for attraction of federal service for participation in business as third party.
O.Mitvol has declared that such judgement it has been expected department intends to challenge it. To formal signs competition was spent to the moment of action of an interdiction of court, he has underlined.
earlier the Arbitration court of Moscow has suspended carrying out of wood auctions on land selling by forestry management across Moscow Region and To Moscow (Moscow timber enterprise). According to court if the auctions are spent is will complicate trial on business.
however it is necessary to tell that the first auction all - taki has taken place on December, 18th 2007. On it the rights of rent of 22 sites situated near Moscow by a total area of 490 hectares have been distributed.
the starting prices were more than accessible: for example, for 20,8 hectares - 1,28 million roubles, for 29 hectares - 1,78 million roubles, for 6 hectares - 0,5 million roubles that twice below market prices. The most part of the earths exposed on the auctions, is located to the West from Moscow, in the Moskvoretsk forest area.
rent term made 49 years. However to a judgement its adjusted totals will not be declared.
especially it is necessary to underline that the auctions planned for December, 19th and 20 2007., have been cancelled. On them, according to a number of documents, the Moscow timber enterprise planned to give in rent sites of wood fund a total area over 1 thousand in hectare.
Such interest of department of O.Mitvolja to wood auctions is quite clear. After all according to shootings from space for last 20 years Moscow Region has lost the fifth part of woods. Only during 1996 - 2007., as show expert estimations, from a forest-park protective belt of Moscow it is withdrawn not less than 20 thousand hectares of the earths. The majority of them are located in coastal water security zones.