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In Primorski Territory it is withdrawn 33 t red caviar

Employees of an operations section of management of Rosselhoznadzora across Primorski Territory have found out and have withdrawn about 33 tons of caviar of salmon fishes. As informs a press - the department service, given production has been withdrawn during the check which have arrived to Vladivostok onboard one of refrigerator courts.
according to the presented veterinary accompanying documents, all party of caviar is made Southern - the Kuril fish factory, however on packing experts have revealed marks of other manufacturers.
Besides, certificates of quality and vetsvidetelstva, confirming quality and safety of given production have not been presented employees of Rosselhoznadzora.
we will notice that this outstanding success only shows scales of an injurious craft of poachers. Annually hundreds tons of caviar and red fish are forwarded to the European part of Russia where find sale. Extraction of red gold brings fabulous profits and consequently in the near future it is not necessary to expect liquidation of criminal networks.
representatives of power structures and officials quite often participate In this illegal business. For example, in the end of December 2007. In the Sakhalin region criminal case has been directed to court concerning head of regional government of the Russian federal fund of property Vasily Kalugina`s (Russian Federal Property Fund). It was accused on variety of articles. In particular V.Kalugin has admitted realisation nearby 4 t the salmon caviar withdrawn during administrative manufacture and other sea delicacies.
Besides, it threatened with murder to the subordinate, and subsequently has organised through the intermediary an attack on it.
Resourcefulness of smugglers in business of deliveries of red gold characterises a case in 2002. Then at the airport of Krasnodar 280 kg of caviar of salmon fishes have been detained. Criminals have carried out caviar delivery in a coffin under the pretext of cargo 200. On cargo there was a certificate on death of the person, and also a mark on passage of preflight examination.