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Fans have not allowed to act to S.Mitrokhin on meeting of memory of E.Sviridov

Football fans have not allowed to act to the party leader “ the Apple “ to Sergey Mitrokhin with speech on the action of memory of Egor Sviridov. The group of the gathered has interrupted its performance by obscene speech.
S.Mitrokhin has refused participation in mourning procession because of participation in the action of representatives of nationalist movements. The politician only has assigned flowers to a place of murder of E.Sviridov - at a stop in Kronshtadsky parkway then has addressed to journalists.
“ Egor Sviridov`s death has caused a wide public resonance because the state has appeared is incapable it to protect, and law enforcement bodies nearly have not missed accomplices of a crime “ - the politician has told.
“ I pay a memory tribute all to victims of crimes on national soil. The nationalism is one of the reasons of such crimes. Unfortunately, the state will make to stop nothing raskruchivanie spirals of international conflicts which can result not only in new tragedies, but also to destruction of Rossiiju. If in Russia the international world is destroyed, it will stop the existence as the state “ - the leader " has added; the Apple “.
Meanwhile a management and fans Moscow “ Spartaka “ on the eve of mourning date have published the statement on the site in which asked politicians not to speculate on the tragical events connected with  destruction of their companion E. Sviridov.