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In Moscow it is detained for a bribe and. An island of the head of municipality East

In Moscow criminal case concerning the head of municipality of intracity municipal union fulfilling duty East Maxim Avdzhjana is brought. As they say in the message of Investigatory committee of the Russian Federation, business is raised on ch. 2 items 290 of the Criminal code of Russia (reception by the official of a bribe for illegal actions).
it is specified that M.Avdzhjan has been caught red-handed at reception of 80 thousand rbl. from the representative of the commercial organisation for the general protection. Thus the consequence has an information that M.Avdzhjan was earlier repeatedly involved in a criminal liability. Besides, it was possible to receive operative data on its contacts to criminal community.
today in Preobrazhenskiy court of a city of Moscow the consequence will petition for the conclusion of the suspect under guards. Criminal case investigation proceeds.
we Will remind, the end of 2010 in Russia has been connected with numerous exposures of communications of the Russian officials and law enforcement officers with criminal groupings. The push to the beginning of anticorruption campaign was given by cruel murder of 12 persons in a village Kushchevsky Krasnodar territory which has occurred in November of the past year. From Moscow inspectors SKP have been directed to a village, crime investigation was is taken under special control by the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev.
during the investigation of criminal case Sergey Tsapka`s terrorising a village with 90 the gang - h has been opened, are spent detention of leader OPG and its participants. Besides, scandalous incident in Kushchevsky became the reason of dismissal of some the Kuban officials: so, the head of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Krasnodar territory Sergey Kucheruk has lost a post.
SKP in connection with incident in Kushchevsky has lifted from archive of hundred criminal cases which the local militia has closed, covering S.Tsapka`s gangsters. Besides, checks have passed in other regions of Russia: in a city the Goose - Crystal the large criminal grouping collecting a tribute from businessmen, for example, has been opened. Besides it law enforcement bodies had been opened gangs in Moscow suburbs, the Saratov region, Volgodonsk and Novosibirsk.