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The Italian authorities have detained captain Costa Concordia

the Italian law enforcement bodies have filed criminal charges upon wreck of liner Costa Concordia which has sunk on the night of Saturday, on January, 14th, at coast of Italy, transfers Reuters.
Within the limits of investigation the captain of liner Franchesko Skettino is detained. It was preceded by long interrogation of the captain by employees of the Italian Office of Public Prosecutor.
F.Skettino before interrogation has had time to give interview to one of the Italian TV channels in which has declared that it is guilty in happened not, and navigation charts. According to the captain of a vessel, on them underwater rocks have not been designated, as became a cause of the tragedy.
According to the Italian legislation, F.Skettino threatens till 10 years of prison.
state of emergency has occurred for the fourth day of cruise across Mediterranean sea. The liner on the night of Saturday, on January, 14th, has flown on a bank near to small town Grosseto. Under the official information as a result of wreck Costa Concordia 3 persons - citizens of France and Peru were lost. 67 persons have suffered. 69 more person are registered on missing persons. In total onboard was more 4 thousand persons.
according to the Russian consular services, onboard the liner there were 108 Russian tourists, lost are not present. Now the company - the operator of cruise has provided placing and a food of passengers. Variants of homecoming of the Russian citizens are studied. Earlier it was informed that the most part of tourists remained without passports as handed over them before travel.