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To Russians Citizens of the Russian Federation since January, 15th 2012 have allowed to go without visas on the American island

. Had an opportunity without visa registration to visit the island Guam being in Pacific ocean and having the status the organised not joined territory the USA.
the decision to include Russia in the list of the states on which rules of a visa-free regime with island Guam extend, was accepted in the end 2011. The head of the ministry of national safety of the USA of Janet Napolitano. Now without the visa to go to Guam inhabitants of Great Britain, Japan, Australia, South Korea and of some other states have the right.
it is allowed to Russians to be on island without registration of the visa no more than 45 days in the presence of the international passport and return tickets. To get to Guam it will be possible by planes or the ships of the companies participating in the visa-free program. Thus visiting of Pacific territory does not grant to tourists of the right to go to the United States without the visa.
Guam is located in the western part of Pacific ocean, it is included into group of Mariinsky islands. Territory capital - Hagatna. Natives of island - the people chamorro. Besides, Filipinos and the people of Ocenia here live. Guam is extremely popular among Japanese tourists as it is located much more close to the rising sun Country, than Hawaii.
the area of Guam - only 541 sq. kilometre that is comparable to the area of Samara. Here live 173 thousand persons. The basic income item of Guam - tourism, however island is known also for that third of its territory is occupied with the largest strategic military base of the USA in Pacific ocean.