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In JUFO gradually there is an agroinsurance market

In Southern federal district gradually there is an agroinsurance market.

there Is it not too quickly - from - for a lack of financial assets landowners do not hasten to put up money in repayment of probable risks. However the understanding of gradually grows that agricultural insurance will provide stable development of agrarian and industrial complex.

Losses by nature

Landowners JUFO for the present have not got used to use insurers. So, in Stavropol Territory third of crops - 594 thousand hectares winter is insured only. Only on 26 thousand more than last year. Why so it is not enough?

- because it is very expensive type of service, - the chief specialist of department of the Ministry of Agriculture of Stavropol Territory Sergey Tchizhov has explained. - and not only for peasants, but also for insurers.

- For peasants insurance procedure - the expensive pleasure, - the deputy director of branch SK Vladimir Gubenko considers. - large-scale enterprises, at which both profitability high, and profit decent and, certainly, high risks are insured basically. Such economy have money for insurance. And in small economy these questions fade into the background. They, as a rule, do not have means even on carrying out of field works.

to the Small companies to be engaged in agroinsurance it is unprofitable - the compensation sums are too great, and approach of insured event will simply ruin them. And nevertheless, the insurance market gradually grows. In edge 14 insurance companies (SK), and quantity of players in this market, under forecasts of experts operate, will grow.

However, heads of the agroenterprises and farms were convinced time and again of necessity of insurance. After all the agriculture is the such branch which activity depends from prirodno - environmental conditions.

Many economy almost annually incur losses from various acts of nature. And only having faced loss of a crop as a result of elements revelry, landowners agree to insure a crop. Peasants would like to protect not only crops, but also real estate. However, on it financial resources not always suffice.

it would be possible to use the credit, however under it liquid pledge which is far not at all economy is required. In these conditions irreplaceable there is a policy of assurance of a crop which quite suits mortgaging maintenance.

Peasants are afraid of insurers

On Don as experts consider, agroinsurance volumes will increase every year. However this process will not mention grain crops. The Rostov region is in a zone of risky agriculture, and the forecast of a crop for this year adverse. The similar situation developed and last year, and winter then did not insure.

Nevertheless, the agroinsurance market in the south roughly develops, appears many the new companies. Often those enterprises which have a state support in a kind of grants use the insurance even.

- the State budget allocates money for indemnification of risks that should please, - the chief executive of the insurance company Sergey Dyomin has noted. - we expect increase in volume of grants. However is and the constraining moment - agricultural productions give not enough information on the crops for last periods, hide the documentation.

On formation of the market of financial services the great influence is rendered by environmental conditions. In semidroughty zone JUFO the insurance will help economy to avoid bankruptcy and to compensate costs from a drought. There are requirements for insurance and at cattle breeders. Some economy buy cattle abroad. However import burenki here get accustomed badly. Therefore landowners should insure possible risks.

the Further perfection of the market of agricultural insurance restrains the guarded relation of heads of agricultural productions to the insurance companies.

- I insured the business of all once and I do not see sense it to do again in present conditions, - the director of an agricultural production Yury Roshkovan speaks. - It is necessary to develop absolutely other strategy in insurance sphere. It would be quite good, if at the expense of the insurance we could to take, for example, the soft loan in bank. The state stimulates the companies in many countries, giving to the owner of the insurance policy possibility to take such credit. Here it would be real support. And we are compelled to give property on the security of the credit.

- Has ripened necessity something to change, - the chief of department of agricultural insurance SK Evgenie Larjushkin echoes it. - At our neighbours in Ukraine and in Kazakhstan the state support is much more effective.

Process has gone

the agricultural insurance Market quickly grows and in the Volgograd region. Insurance cost of a crop last year has made more than nine billions roubles. Contracts on reception of the state support in insurance sphere have concluded 627 agricultural commodity producers. They have paid to the insurance companies payments for the sum which has made almost of seven hundred millions of roubles.

the Sum of grants at the expense of the federal budget has made approximately 280 million roubles. At the expense of the regional budget - almost 70 million. Insurance compensation to 311 economy only on the summer has exceeded 276 million. However, in spite of the fact that volumes of similar transactions increase, landowners not so actively aspire to be insured.

is it is connected with procedural complexities, - the chairman of committee on agriculture and the foodstuffs of administration of the Volgograd region Alexander Motorkin explains. - After all the insurance system very difficult, is absent distinct definition of a word a shortage . It is very heavy to prove that the crop shortage really was. From - for a carelessness and legal illiteracy of the agricultural manufacturer at signing of the insurance contract often there are problems with payment of insurance premiums. As a result people with mistrust concern agroinsurance. And still manufacturers understand that there is a necessity to insure the risks. Therefore process moves actively enough. We will tell, last year the area under crops under insurance contracts has made more than one and a half millions hectares. These are 46 percent from a total area of crops.

Insurance will allow to stimulate growth of manufacture of principal views of agricultural products, the head of committee considers. However for achievement of this purpose it is necessary to define accurately, at what cases losses will be compensated. After all the agrarian and industrial complex depends on natural cataclysms. If the insurer and the insurer has a uniform purpose and understanding of an event agroinsurance will really positively affect increase in release of such goods, as grain, meat and milk.


Alexander Shijanov, the chairman of committee on agrarian questions and the foodstuffs of the Stavropol thought:

- Without insurance to be engaged in agriculture simply risky. However, the insurance system is necessary for improving.

Gennady Makarov, the chief of department of the Ministry of Agriculture of Stavropol Territory:

- the Increase in volumes of agricultural insurance already goes, and not far off that time when all crop in edge will be insured. Wide introduction of insurance will inevitably lead to growth of manufacture of principal views of agricultural production.