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Abkhazia has denied the information on secret negotiations from Tbilisi

President of unrecognized republic Abkhazia Sergej Bagapsh arrives to Moscow. However about its purposes far not the visit first lately to the Russian capital the set of hearings this time goes.

On Monday there was a sensational information: Georgian - the Abkhazian conflict is in general settled. Parametres of ostensibly already prepared future contract were informed. According to this document Russia remains in the centre of peace-making process. From its part Sukhumi will give guarantees of returning of the Georgian refugees - the position which has been written down in the resolution of General Assembly of the United Nations. And Tbilisi will disengage armies from the top part of Kodorsky gorge and will enter into the agreement on non-use against abhazov military force. Thereby, at last, having agreed with earlier sounded initiatives of Moscow.

On one of versions to push Tbilisi and Sukhumi to more resolute actions on conflict settlement the assistant to the assistant to US State Secretary Matthew Brajza who has carried on one of these days negotiations with a management of Georgia and Abkhazia could. To Moscow, Bagapsh will arrive for the statement of ostensibly reached arrangements.

Right after occurrences of the information on secret negotiations between Tbilisi and Sukhumi with a refutation of this information has acted the president of Abkhazia. However it is possible to name that he has told a refutation with the big stretch. As a matter of fact, the Abkhazian leader has once again repeated a position of the country: all conversations on the world only after a conclusion of the Georgian armies from Kodorsky gorge. And any discussion of the political status of Abkhazia.

But if to judge under ostensibly made contract draught about Georgian - the Abkhazian settlement about the unrecognized republic status there in general speech does not go. As to a withdrawal of troops and guarantees nenapadenija these positions also have made all salt agreements. So, as a matter of fact, Bagapsh only has once again confirmed possibility of the compromise from Tbilisi under certain conditions. That such compromise is equitable to interests and our country tells rather reserved interview of the assistant to head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia of Grigory Karasina. Moscow urges Tbilisi to penetrate without superfluous emotions into logic of the Russian actions on settlement Georgian - Abkhazian and Georgian - Osset conflicts and to understand that it is equitable to interests of Georgia - the diplomat confirmed. Taking into account become aggravated recently Russian - the Georgian relations, a mention of interests of Tbilisi, equally, as well as the request to concern with understanding the steps undertaken by Moscow, look especially unusually. It can indirectly tell all about any existence of variants of settlement Georgian - the Abkhazian conflict. It is not excluded that one of them and has got to mass-media.

And here the Georgian reaction to the prospective agreement much explains. First of all existence of serious disagreements in party in power concerning mechanisms of the decision of territorial disputes. The state minister of Georgia on questions reintegratsii Temur Jakobashvili named absurd messages on arrangements on peaceful settlement. He confirmed: the Georgian and Abkhazian party did not co-ordinate among themselves any plans. Basically it is possible to assume that the official who is reputed a hawk has been intentionally discharged of negotiations. While other Georgian politician - Irakly Alasanija was engaged in preparation of corresponding agreements. That has ostensibly visited Sukhumi right after departure from the Abkhazian capital of the American emissary.

If to reject real and imaginary artful designs of negotiating process, there are two demanding answers of a question - who exactly and what for has merged The information about ostensibly conducted kuluarno negotiations in the press. And the how much really peace agreement on conditions which have been sounded in mass-media.

Both the first, and the second question have no unambiguous answer. Occurrence crude a variant Georgian - the Abkhazian agreement in a press could be equitable to interests as opponents, and supporters of settlement in Georgia. Especially, if to take into consideration that the information on secret negotiations has appeared on the eve of parliamentary elections in republic. The opposition which thereby tried to convince the population that the party in power operates behind the back of a society could organise its leak. Or, on the contrary, supporters of the president wanted to show once again that the country leaders are attached to the peace decision Georgian - the Abkhazian conflict. Also has practically agreed from Sukhumi about returning of refugees.

the how much really similar agreement basically? After agreements with Russia about economic cooperation and statements of representatives the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia about to impossibility on old to approach to the so-called frozen conflicts in Sukhumi certainly want to fix success. And to provide safety of republic at interstate level. So desire to conclude the peace treaty from Tbilisi, without renouncing thus the independent status of republic completely is equitable to interests of Abkhazia.

In that case if after parliamentary elections in Georgia the party in power will keep the positions, the conclusion of the peace agreement between Tbilisi and Sukhumi becomes possible. Though it is obvious that this contract will not have universal character. But it will appear solid enough to show to the world community high efficiency Russian mirotvorchestva.