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Cyril Androsov instead of the Savings Bank has appeared in governmental body

last week the deputy minister who was already of economic development and trade Cyril Androsov is appointed by a deputy head of governmental body. That such appointment will take place, has informed a press - the secretary of the Russian prime minister Dmitry Peskov, documents on its appointment have been signed by Vladimir Putin.

G - n Androsov is young enough (that, however, for a command g - on Gref was not an exception) - he was born in 1972, nevertheless its informed sources confidently named the possible successor g - on Gref on a post of the minister in June of last year, at the Petersburg economic forum. The situation piquancy consisted that at that time g - n Gref officially was not going to leave. After the former cartridge g - on Androsov has headed the Savings Bank, observers began to wait tensely when g - n Androsov will follow for g - nom Gref. These expectations have reached apogee in April when g - n Androsov has stopped, in particular, dialogue with the press and began to turn off obviously the former activity.

Now, by words g - on Peskova, g - n Androsov will supervise questions of functioning of the device, planning of activity of the device, maintenance of activity of the chairman of the government.

the Graduate of Petersburg high school and Business school of University of Chicago, the young reformer supervised in minekonomrazvitija first of all raw sector. It perfectly understood problems of tax loading on nefte - and gazodobychu, in pipeline logistics, and until recently in its conducting was also Investment fund. At the same time, being syrevikom it positioned itself(himself) as the liberal. So, being on the Business breakfast In, he so explained the decision to involve the foreign autobuilding companies to Russia: it is better, than protectionist measures to support Autovases. It also supported creation of such market institute as a stock exchange of oil products, frankly specifying that its creation was accompanied by strong resistance.

Appointment g - on Androsov in governmental body perfectly illustrates, where exactly now will be concentrated a brain staff (after obvious easing minekonomrazvitija for this role designated minregion, but department even before formation of a new office has let know that is not going to incur excessive problems). Brains will concentrate in governmental body, in immediate proximity from Vladimir Putin to whom Cyril Gennadevicha will have now a direct access.