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Moscow intends to return itself a rank of the most reading city

Moscow not in words, and in practice intends to return to capital a rank of the most reading city: the concept of library service of capital inhabitants till 2015 is confirmed.

In all districts of Moscow it is planned to create about 200 modular library centres. The first 30 libraries which become a component of the multipurpose cultural centres of regional level, will appear in the near future, - one of the basic developers of the concept Svetlana Prosekova, the director of the Central universal scientific library of a name of N.A.Nekrasov has told. - first of all the city will please inhabitants new and dormitory areas . There temples of books will start to build from bystrovozvodimyh designs, besides will count all uninhabited premises also will define, what of them suit house warming of books. And the largest biblioproektom which is planned for realising till 2015, is a creation of branch of Presidential library of a name of B.N.Yeltsin.

Prosekova marks: the main thing in the concept - approach change to library functions. Keeping the sacred mission - the savings and book distribution, it turns to the versatile centre. this process already goes, - Svetlana Nikolaevna specifies. - the Intellectual centres of a steel of 167 libraries. Muscovites come here on concerts, round tables meetings with interesting people. Are created there and various mugs for children. Here these directions should be developed. Besides division of libraries on adults and it is put skie has become outdated. We will try to make so that in one place of the book could pick up for myself both children, and parents - all family .

60 percent of workers of capital libraries - people prepension or pension age

For the decision of new problems all libraries of a city will provide with the computer technics necessary for work on the Internet and for remote service of readers. And these services for Muscovites remain free. Electronic innovations on it will not end: books will start to digitize, will create the uniform electronic catalogue of capital libraries, the uniform electronic library ticket will be entered also. now in city libraries it is stored about 27 million books, newspapers, magazines, other printed matter, - explains Prosekova. - Under the European standards, only 45 - 50 percent from it should be duplicated, at us this percent reads off scale. Agree, unreasonably same book which obviously is not in great demand to extend on many libraries. It is necessary to send it there where it can ask is more often. But any reader should have a possibility to receive it in the shortest term. To provide Muscovites with this service, we and are going to spend electronic modernisation. Then the reader can address in any library and order the necessary book. Has left the order, has specified a place where it will be convenient to it to take away it, - and wait, deliver quickly .

By words Prosekovoj, to the aid to those who cannot go behind the book itself - to pensioners, mothers having many children, invalids - librarians will come home. It is supposed that their staff will increase by 3 thousand. The big possibilities for podrabotki open before senior pupils, students, those who is ready to find in the schedule some hours to bring to the person of the book from library or them to take away.

One of the main our problems - in a city is not present service on repair of books, - Prosekova complains. - As a result it is necessary to leave a large quantity of those from them which could serve readers still. For 3 years the volume of books in libraries has increased almost on 2 million 700 units, and from - for different defects it was necessary to write off 3 million 400. And after all that uses the raised demand " fastest becomes unfit for use;.

However, the situation will change, when will start to work repozitarnyj and the ecological centres where books become to treat from fungi, a mould, to sew it new clothes . we Hope to train in elements of this art and people whom houses can work, - Prosekova is assured. - For many people it will be possibility to feel the demand.

we Hope, the prestige of a trade of the librarian will soon raise also, - Prosekova hopes. - Now 60 percent of workers - prepension or pension age. Alas, this year our numbers will fill up only 37 graduates. However the decision on creation of the Moscow institute is already accepted is information - library technologies, the educational centre for retraining of library shots. The capital government understands our problems, therefore, I hope, soon the trade of the librarian becomes attractive .