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Denisov has refused to play for Russian national team the European championship

National team has begun preparation for final tournament of the European championship. On May, 18th the players invited to training gathering, have gathered in one of capital hotels. Here has taken place a press - conference of head coach Guus Hiddink. Has not done without scandal.

the Dutch instructor has informed that else to a final of an UEFA Cup the halfback Petersburg Zenith Igor Deniss has refused to play for Russian national team.

- We invited Denisov before an UEFA Cup final. He has thanked for the invitation, but has refused, - Hiddink has declared. - trainers Zenith have asked not to speak about it to give the chance to be prepared for the ending. After game in Manchester we have called them again, however Igor has answered: Thanks for the invitation, but are not present . It is a pity, of course, but its this decision, and we should respect him. Each football player has the right to choose, act to it for a national team or to refuse. Denisov`s decision for me not a problem as I like to work only with those players who have an internal message, desire to help a national team...

About Igor Denisov`s refusal to arrive on training gathering of Russian national team the deserved master of sports, the Olympic champion of 1956, the deserved trainer of the USSR Alexey Paramonov has learnt from the correspondent. This news has caused obvious confusion in the glorified veteran of domestic football.

- Me simply it has surprised, - Alexey Aleksandrovich has said, at last. - At all I do not know how even more to be expressed. I do not understand, how it was possible to refuse participation in a final part of the European championship to the football player who, in general - that, has not proved to be the irreplaceable. Denisov should consider for happiness that such expert as Guus Hiddink, has invited him to national team gathering. It is difficult to explain Igor`s act. It would be desirable to learn motivation of its refusal, of course. Perhaps, at Denisov of a problem with health or any family circumstances.

Most likely Igor has taken offence that him did not invite in a national team earlier. But this right of the trainer - to cause or not to cause players in the first command of the country. Earlier, probably, Hiddink preferred to invite more prepared football players. That there was no doubt at instructors, Denisov should show game of high level throughout the long period. It was necessary to spend a series of good games. I think, trainers correctly arrived earlier. Denisov did not show level of the player of Russian national team in all matches.

During our times there was no case that someone has refused to play a national team. Considered it as honour, if you have caused on national team gathering. Insults, maybe, also were at someone. However all football players dreamt to get to national team structure.

we Will remind, almost one week ago Guus Hiddink declared the expanded list from 25 football players applying for a trip for Euro - 2008. The official demand will include 23 players. Who will appear superfluous, we learn not later than May, 28th.

on May, 23rd in Moscow Russian national team will lead a companionable match with a command of Kazakhstan, and 28 - go Germany will play with Serbs. The control meeting is planned for June, fourth with modular Lithuania.

In the meantime prior to the beginning of final tournament of Euro remains only 18 days.