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As a result of failure of the passenger bus in Crimea 18 Russian tourists

In Crimea on a line Nikolaev have suffered - Simferopol has got to failure the bus with the Russian tourists. As a result of road accident of 18 persons have got wounds, 11 of them children. 27 - the summer townswoman Syktyvkar has got to resuscitation. It has received crisis of cervical department of a backbone, rezanye wounds of the person and hands.

At a crossroads of roads Simferopols - Orlovka tourist Ikarus practically in the front has faced an off-road car Volkswagen . The bus has developed on 180 degrees, windshields have taken off.

In bus salon there were the people who had a rest in sanatorium the Polar lights in Sakah. It were parents with children from Republic Komi. They came back from excursion from Yalta.

All victims are delivered in hospitals of nearby settlements. According to the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Ukraine, at several children head injuries, brain concussions, heavy bruises are fixed.

Under the preliminary version, failure has occurred from - that the bus which the local resident operated, carrying out turn, has not passed the car moving towards. Besides, initial trial has shown that the driver Ikarusa had no necessary documents on transportation of children. Besides, by existing rules, the representative of GAI should accompany the car.

It is expected that in the near future the governmental commission of Komi will take off for Crimea for finding-out of all circumstances of incident.

According to the republic Ministry of Health, all victims in road failure children had the obligatory insurance.


Eight inhabitants of Komis which have suffered in road accident in Crimea, are translated on out-patient treatment. On it has informed a press - the secretary of Ministry of Health of republic Ekaterina Tjuleneva. As she said, in hospital of Simferopol there are two children and one adult, in hospital Saki - six children. Serious threat to health and the more so for them is not present life.