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Petrovsky travelling palace visitors

Reconstruction of the Petrovsky travelling palace again will receive will be finished to the City Day. A deputy head of department of a town-planning policy, development and reconstruction of a city has informed on it Alexander Levchenko to the correspondent.

He has told that, as well as in days of old, now the guests of honour of the Russian capital here will stop. Eight numbers are intended for them in the central part of a palace and twenty - in wings. Simultaneously the historical building becomes a town house of solemn receptions.

the Travelling palace though concedes on scales to Tsaritsynsky palace manor, but by a history part is not less well-known. I will remind: this unique construction erected by Matveem Kazakovym under the decree of Catherine the Great in 1782, served as a place of last stop of regal persons on a way from Petersburg to Moscow. Here had a rest after a long journey, made toilet before smart entrance from Northern capital in Pervoprestolnuju. And the imperial couple here stopped before crowning in the Uspensky cathedral of the Kremlin. Stats - ladies and retinue occupied wings. That is why a palace named travelling or access. Petrovsky it became, as is in territory of the Vysokopetrovsky monastery.

Has visited the Petrovsky travelling palace and the uninvited visitor - Napoleon. It waited here a fire of Moscow. Otsele, in a thought it is shipped, he looked on terrible plamen - the poet in " wrote about that time; Evgenii Onegine .

Was in the history of this well-known monument of architecture and one more almost forgotten chapter. In 20 - e years of the last century the ensemble located opposite to Hodynsky airdrome, have made the Palace of red aircraft. Under a dome of the main hall have hung up the present airplane, and under other ceilings were razveshany models of gliders and planes. Excursions on this museum were driven by veterans the fifth ocean . So named the sky during an epoch of prompt development of aeronautics. Then here has located Military - air academy of a name Zhukovsky and the beauty of an ancient palace nadol go has appeared is hidden from eyes of Muscovites.

But also after restoration the idea of a museum has not sunk into oblivion. The new huge Museum of aircraft and astronautics which will construct on the Hodynsky field under the project already approved by public town-planning council at the mayor of capital becomes its development. So to miss an exposition of flying machines of all times to Muscovites long it is not necessary.

the restored historical building and for tourists Will open. Pushkin has knowingly christened its Petrovsky lock. Powerful walls with Tuscan towers really remind the lock. When - that said that the palace is constructed in Mauritian style . Actually, experts assure, it is pure kazakovsky the style which has united Old Russian uzoroche with the European gothic style, brick walls with belokamennymi details.

the Persevering aspiration to recreate thoroughly initial plan of Matveja Kazakova was shown by the author of the project of restoration architect Grigory Mudrov. Instead of usual vychinki and replacements of the damaged brick, from - for what diversity of walls is inevitable, he has chosen new technology sealings . It is more expensive, but authenticity of a laying is much better remains. However why palace walls became now not brick, and is faster than cowberry colour? - Some townspeople ask a question. It appears, such and was initial koler from which there were authentic fragments. Walls in those days, according to Mudrova, for greater expressiveness always painted, and then drew seams between bricks. Except bricks it was necessary to restore and much belokamennyh details - piramidok, spheres, platens, stars. Under the ancient inventory of such details was 1076!

a palace Inner sanctum - a round hall under a dome, 16 metres lifted on height. From lancet windows under it the daylight flows. Wooden designs of a dome were in very bad condition. Nobody touched them since 1862. Restorers however have insisted to keep them. Loadings have removed from old beams by means of not trivial decision. After that have restored the fine list of a ceiling executed grizajlju or different shades it is grey - the blue colour, creating effect of a magnificent stucco moulding.

- From us were required not only art skills, - Tatyana Serzhantova, - but also has told the restorer heavy physical efforts. To write on a ceiling very difficultly. Exercised the wit, as could - worked who lying, who polusidja. But now from a ceiling of eyes you will not tear off. And spectators will not believe that it absolutely smooth, without any stucco moulding...

Loved blendes in a XVIII century. On perimetre of a round hall doors, but not all among them the presents are located. Only four doors not fake - they conduct in smart drawing rooms or anterooms: yellow, pink, blue, green. Very convenient, them it is possible to arrange all perfectly for receptions of honoured guests. And solemnity plaster portraits of Russian princes, drums, helmets give to interiors, spears, boards and other reliefs of military glory. All registration of a palace is devoted victorious war with Turkey 1768 - 1774. There are still horns of plenty with garlands of fruit on facades of a palace and on a smart marble ladder. They speak about riches and power of empire. To full grandeur to a palace already nearby.

During time which has remained to the City Day, and less half a year, a palace it is necessary to equip it with ventilation, air-conditioning, a refrigerating machinery, communication and the Internet. It is necessary to note and one more important point. At expansion of the Leningrad prospectus standing earlier otdalenno from a transport highway the ancient palace has acted on the foreground. And now everyone who goes from the Sheremetyevo airport to a city, should detain on it the sight. One it obliges him to restore so that and further for many centuries the Petrovsky travelling palace continued to create prestige and glory to the Russian capital.