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Russian national team on rowing on kayaks and a canoe will act on 8 Olympic distances from 11

Russian national team on rowing on kayaks and a canoe has provided to itself the dense competitive schedule on the Olympic Games.

In the European championship which has simultaneously played a role of qualifying tournament, Russians have won two gold, one silver and one bronze medals in the Olympic kinds of the program and have acquired the right to expose on Games in Beijing crews in eight of eleven disciplines. According to the main instructor of our sportsmen Sergey Verlina, such result looks rather adequately. Especially against failure performance on a last year`s world championship.

- just come to the end competitions have appeared for all of us good check, - Sergey Verlin has noted. - Tournament in Milan has shown that failure of 2007 was faster casual failure, than system failure in a technique. So it has turned out that Russian national team on rowing on kayaks and a canoe during last seasons in what did not know refusal: Rossport immediately carried out all our requests. And here if we have ruined also the second large championship successively, the state could have claims. Fortunately, the command has acted in Milan fine. But it is natural success. We have done serious work which has born fruit.

At the same time Sergey Verlin did not begin to deny that the result has turned out not absolute. However, all separate disappointments are with interest compensated by primary goal performance - a gain of the Olympic licences.

- In Beijing we can expose crews on eight of eleven distances, - Verlin has counted. - Besides, there is a high probability that the International federation of rowing on kayaks and a canoe will allocate an occasional seat in a female kayak - the single for 500 m of our Juliane Salahovoj which has not sufficed literally one place. Then open on the Olympic Games we still have only two distances: a female kayak - the two and a female kayak - the four on 500 m.